This app finds English words from scrambled letters, as would be useful in some word games or puzzles. You can enter a question mark (?) anywhere as a wild card (in other words ? matches any letter). You can also limit the matched words to those of a given length or greater.


  1. 1. Enter the letters in the box at the top.
  2. 2. Select the minimum length word you wish. The default is 2, and values from 2 through 9 are valid.
  3. 3. Touch the “Search” button to populate a table of results. The app will find all words of at least the given length composed only of letters entered in step 1 (plus any wild cards).
  4. 4. Pressing a row in the table will pass that word to the iOS built in dictionary (Apple) or the internet (Android) for a definition. Not every word in the list may be found in the dictionary, however.
  5. 5. Pressing the Clear button will clear the display.
The words are taken from the public domain word list referred to as Enable2K.
It can be found at the link below.


Privacy Policy: This app does not collect or retain any personal user information.